何回も言いますが、新聞を読むためには各々の単語が名詞(noun)なのか、形容詞(adjective)なのか、副詞(adverb)なのかがめちゃくちゃ大事になってきます!文法はほんっっっっっっとうに大事です!!!一緒に一つずつやっていきましょう!僕の勉強がわりにもなっているので、僕が知っていることは飛ばしていたりします。なので、何かわからないことがあれば気軽にコメントください。できるだけ答えます!よろしくお願いします 😉





読み終わったら、下の単語の解説と照らし合わせながら読んでいってみてください!よろしくです 😉

それでは英字新聞 読解スタートです!

Devon skirt demo boys can now wear shorts

shorts (noun)

Macmillan Dictionary によると ” short trousers that end at or above the knees という風に記載されていますね。


a pair of shorts

tennis shorts

She put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

Boys at a Devon school will be allowed to wear shorts this summer after demonstrating by wearing skirts.

The boys from Great Torrington School in Devon, started a petition calling for shorts to be permitted amid a sweltering summer last year.

They donned skirts and the girls wore trousers in protest.

The school said on its website that shorts would now be an option for the summer term, adding: “Here’s hoping for another fantastic British summer!”

Schoolboy campaigner Bradley Smart, who collected more than 600 signatures on the petition, said: “Thank you to the school for co-operating, listening to what the children had to say and taking their opinions into account.”

And just in case pupils think the climb-down signals a wider uniform relaxation, they will be disappointed.

The school still stipulates that “if your child chooses to wear shorts” they “need to wear black or grey socks as well.”

amid (preposition)

Cambridge Dictionaryによると ” in the middle of or surrounded by: という風に記載されていますね。


On the floor, amid mounds of books, were two small envelopes.

Banks and shops closed yesterday amid growing fears of violence.

We camped that night in a shallow valley amid low hills.

sweltering (adjective)

Cambridge Dictionaryによると ” extremely and uncomfortably hot: という風に記載されていますね。


In the summer, it’s sweltering in the smaller classrooms.

sweltering heat

a sweltering day

To cooperate (verb)

Macmillan Dictionary によると ” to work with other people to achieve a result that is good for everyone involved という風に記載されていますね。


The Spanish authorities cooperated with the British police in finding the terrorists.

Local people decided to cooperate with the authorities against the rebels.

take account of something/take something into account (phrasal verb)

Cambridge Dictionaryによると ” to consider or remember something when judging a situation: という風に記載されていますね。


The report does not take into account the problems of people who do not speak English.

I hope my teacher will take into account the fact that I was ill just before the exams when she marks my paper.

A good architect takes into account the building’s surroundings.

I think you have to take into account that he’s a good deal younger than the rest of us.

A good transport strategy must take account of the environmental issues.

climbdown (noun)

Macmillan Dictionaryによると ” a change of attitude in which someone admits that they were wrong という風に記載されていますね。イギリス英語です。


Saying she was wrong was a difficult climbdown for Sarah.

climb down (phrasal verb)

Cambridge Dictionaryによると ” to change your opinion or admit that you were wrong: という風に記載されていますね。イギリス英語です。


The government has been forced to climb down over the issue of increased taxes.

To signal (verb)

Cambridge Dictionary によると ” to make a movement, sound, flash, etc. that gives information or tells people what to do: という風に記載されていますね。


Flashing lights on a parked car usually signal a warning (to other drivers).

He signalled left, and turned the lorry slowly.

The children’s mother signalled them to be quiet.

The cyclist signalled and turned right.

This agreement signalled the end of the war.

relaxation (noun)

Macmillan Dictionaryによると ” uthe process of making rules, controls, conditions etc more relaxed という風に記載されていますね。


the relaxation of travel restrictions

I cannot allow any relaxation in/of the rules.

To stipulate (verb)

Cambridge Dictionaryによると ” to say exactly how something must be or must be done: という風に記載されていますね。


We have signed a contract which stipulates when the project must be completed.

The regulations stipulate the maximum number of children allowed in a class.

最後に、内容が理解でき、新しい単語も知ることができたら、必ずCambridge Dictionaryか、Macmillan Dictionaryで例文を読むようにしてください。そして一番シンプルで、自分が日常使いしときやすそうなもをノートやスマホに書き溜めておいてください。そしてこれを移動中の時などに声に出して覚えることが本当に大事です!(電車では難しいので、僕はよく歩きますw)





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