何回も言いますが、新聞を読むためには各々の単語が名詞(noun)なのか、形容詞(adjective)なのか、副詞(adverb)なのかがめちゃくちゃ大事になってきます!文法はほんっっっっっっとうに大事です!!!一緒に一つずつやっていきましょう!僕の勉強がわりにもなっているので、僕が知っていることは飛ばしていたりします。なので、何かわからないことがあれば気軽にコメントください。できるだけ答えます!よろしくお願いします 😉





読み終わったら、下の単語の解説と照らし合わせながら読んでいってみてください!よろしくです 😉

それでは英字新聞 読解スタートです!

Headcases? Holidaymakers take to covering their suitcases with massive pictures of THEMSELVES so they’ll never be confused at the baggage carousel again

・Flamboyant £20 luggage coverings increasingly spotted in airport terminals

・Travellers are using them to make their suitcases eye-catching and easy to find

・Emma Freud forced her husband Richard Curtis to use one of her own portrait

take to -ing (phrasal verb)

Macmillan Dictionaryによると” to start doing something as a habit というふうに記載されていますね。


Recently he’s taken to wearing a cap.

He‘s taken to staying out very late.

carousel (noun)

Macmillan Dictionaryによると” a moving surface in an airport from which you collect your bags というふうに記載されていますね。

flamboyant (adjective)

Cambridge Dictionaryによると” very confident in behaviour, and liking to be noticed by other people, for example because of the way you dress, talk, etc.: と、” brightly coloured and easily noticed: “いうふうに記載されていますね。


a flamboyant gesture

The writer’s flamboyant lifestyle was well known.

a flamboyant silk tie

Travellers are printing huge pictures of their faces on to their luggage to stop them being picked off the carousel by the wrong person.

Holidaymakers are increasingly spotted dragging the suitcases around airport terminals as confused passersby wonder if they are seeing double.

Some even pull crazed expressions on the £20 Head Case lightweight spandex coverings to make them even more eye-catching form across the arrivals lounge.


crazed (adjective)

Macmillan Dictionaryによると” completely crazy and uncontrolled というふうに記載されていますね。


a crazed expression

He became crazed with anger/jealousy/pain.

lightweight (adjective)

Macmillan Dictionaryによると” weighing less than other things of the same type というふうに記載されていますね。


a lightweight jacket

Laptop computers are becoming more lightweight.

I need a lightweight jacket for the summer evenings.

Broadcaster Emma Freud even joined their ranks by covering the luggage of her husband Richard Curtis in her own portrait.

‘Richard off to America for a fortnight. Bought this suitcase cover so he doesn’t get confused about which is his bag on the carousel,’ she wrote on Instagram.

The Four Weddings and a Funeral writer was later pictured looking unimpressed as he picked the bag off the carousel in New York.

ranks (noun)

Cambridge Dictionaryによると” the members of a group or organization, or members of the armed service who are not officers: というふうに記載されていますね。


Another Republican senator joins the ranks of the presidential hopefuls.

They marched in ranks of five.

fortnight (noun)

Macmillan Dictionaryによると” a period of two weeks というふうに記載されていますね。


a fortnight’s holiday

I see her once a fortnight.

a fortnight ago

How much would it cost to hire a car for a fortnight?

unimpressed (adjective)

Cambridge Dictionaryによると not impressed (= made to feel admiration or respect): というふうに記載されていますね。


They looked at the house, but they seemed unimpressed (by it).

Teachers were unimpressed by the boy’s performance.

‘I gave it to him for Christmas… He hated it, and only used it for the first time last month because I forced him to,’ she told The Times.

The trend got another boost this week when a middle-aged woman was snapped waiting at an airport sporting her smiling face on her suitcase.

‘This woman who got her own face printed on her luggage is the hero we need right now,’ the user who captured the moment wrote on Twitter.

boost (noun)

Macmillan Dictionaryによると” an action or event that helps something to increase, improve, or become more successful というふうに記載されていますね。


The festival has been a major boost for the local economy.

Victory tomorrow would be a much-needed boost for the national team.

Passing my driving test was such a boost to my confidence.

最後に、内容が理解でき、新しい単語も知ることができたら、必ずCambridge Dictionaryか、Macmillan Dictionaryで例文を読むようにしてください。そして一番シンプルで、自分が日常使いしときやすそうなもをノートやスマホに書き溜めておいてください。そしてこれを移動中の時などに声に出して覚えることが本当に大事です!(電車では難しいので、僕はよく歩きますw)





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